Monday, June 5, 2023

Good video and where did May go? June already...

 Quality discussion with the makers of our products. 

Great products people NEED, to keep up your immune system, with all the truths coming out about the Vaccines and some of the damage they have caused, it is likely that many will need good products to help them out.  I really have not pushed this business as much as I should be, there is so many new products coming out all over the place because of all this BS going on.  (my opinion anyway)  We all got lied to about most things in life going on now, even history. 

I built my Freemart business for 7 long and hard years , so am a little skeptical still about building a new one, while there is an option to not sponsor anyone in LiveGood and still earn some income it will be a lot slower that way.  I am capable of building it , not 100% sure I want to after Freemart just closing down like it did.  I had built 9 levels down and it is all gone now... so do I or don't I ? that is the big question.. People do need extra income and I do love the coffee. 💖

That below was my back office at Freemart, not to show off, just to show I can do it mostly...  or I can wait and let the powerline do it's thing. 😐71 personally sponsored, which considering I do not do social media was a lot of hard work down the drain.  😩

I love doing business offline more so than online as all the advertising places seem to have vanished now.  Either way it is a great business to have for extra income if you ever wanted a good one to do with an easy pay plan and the powerline is a bonus really.

I am always grateful for every experience I have had over the last 25 years of on & off again in network marketing, times have changed along with technology of course, now I love gardening and painting so am not online as much as I use to be, doing 16 hour days online, lol ouch on sitting still that long, not sure how I even did it....  😉

Off line is more fun, as fakebook seems to have a lot of fake people on there, (plus I got banned ) badge of honour to me & I do not like doing videos, but I know I should.... lol
 Oh well, we shall see what the future holds for us all over the next few bumpy months and years...   "The best is yet to come" 💞😍  

Love, laugh and LiveGood! 

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