Friday, March 31, 2023

Time sure flies doesn't it ? wow

 My last order arrived, more coffee and the super reds, just in time it seems as they have sold out of the super reds and the mens multi vitamins apparently.  Not for long though, it seems the business is growing so fast now they had to upgrade all the servers too 😊

Which is now done thankfully.  I absolutely LOVE the organic coffee, I had a few days without it while waiting on the next lot to arrive and did notice a difference going back to the instant instead.  I do think it is fantastic for the gut, certainly feels that way, to me anyway. 

Quite literally, just sayin' 😁😂🌱

I must say I like the Super Greens way more than the reds,
 taste wise that is.  Both are good though. 

Love, laugh and LIVE GOOD.💖 

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